Amos - When God Acts

In February and early March this year we are looking together at the Old Testament Book of Amos in our Sunday Bible talks. Amos was a farmer and although his book was written long ago, we hope you will find it has an interesting insight for readers in 2016.

7    When God acts - against the nasty neighbours
    Amos Ch 1 & 2
14    When God acts - knowing better
    Amos Ch 3 & 4
21    When God acts - pride and a fall
    Amos Ch 5 & 6
28    When God Acts - unbearable words
    Amos Ch 7 & 8
6    Mothering Sunday
    All Age
13    When God Acts - in restoration
    Amos Ch 9

Photo shared under CC license by Elvis Kennedy

The "theme song" for this series can be found here...