Luke's Gospel 2012

2012luke1200x400.001 During the Autumn term this year we will be "Travelling with Jesus" as he is on the road in Luke's Gospel in Chapters 9, 10 and 11 do join us on a Sunday morning as we find out why Jesus is so special and what he has to say to us in 2012.

A little more about Luke's Gospel

Date Written:

Circa 60 A.D.

Written To:

The Gospel of Luke was written to Theophilus, meaning "the one who loves God." Historians are not sure who this Theophilus (mentioned in Luke 1:3) was, although most likely, he was a Roman with an intense interest in the newly forming Christian religion. Luke may also have been writing in general to those who loved God. The book is written to the Gentiles as well, and all people everywhere.

Landscape of the Gospel of Luke:

Luke wrote the Gospel in Rome or possibly in Caesarea. Settings in the book include Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Judea and Galilee.

Themes in the Gospel of Luke:

The predominant theme in the book of Luke is the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ. The Savior entered human history as the perfect man. He himself offered the perfect sacrifice for sin, therefore, providing the perfect Savior for humankind.

Luke is careful to give a detailed and accurate record of his investigation so that readers can trust with certainty that Jesus is God. Luke also portrays Jesus' profound interest in people and relationships. He was compassionate to the poor, the sick, the hurting and the sinful. He loved and embraced everyone. Our God became flesh to identify with us, and to show us his genuine love. Only this perfect love can satisfy our deepest need.

Luke's Gospel gives special emphasis to prayer, miracles and angels as well. Interesting to note, women are given an important place in Luke's writings.

Key Characters in the Gospel of Luke:

JesusZechariah, Elizabeth, John the BaptistMary, the disciples, Herod the GreatPilate and Mary Magdalene.

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