In a world full of difficulties how does the christian person respond? In an age of self-centred thinking how can we be selfless? In a time of confusion how do we find direction? For the first part of this term in our main Sunday morning meetings the church family are learning together from a letter, part of the New Testament, written to some people called the Philippians.

We will see in the letter that christian people should have an attitude that is the same as Christ Jesus' (Chapter 2 v 5). But how is this possible? and what does Philippians mean when it reminds christian people that whatever happens, we need to conduct ourselves "in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ" (Chapter 1 v 27)

Why not join us at 10am on Sunday morning as together we find out some of the answers and look at more of what God wants to say to us from this part of His word the Bible.