Some things for a church leader to pray about

A helpful list of ideas for a Pastor/Elder/Deacon to pray or for you to pray for a church leader.

A) Pray that you will never not pray. -pray with Psalm 127:1,2

B) Pray that yours will be the most prayed for church. -pray with Jeremiah 33:3 and Matthew 7:7

C) Pray that you will reflect the fruit of the Spirit to everyone. -pray with Galatians 5:22,23

D) Pray that you will leave nothing undone. -pray with Joshua 11:15

E) Pray that you will delight yourself in the Lord. -pray with Psalm 37:4

F) Pray that you will never be prideful. -pray with Proverbs 16:18

G) Pray that you will never betray your wife. -pray with Exodus 20:14

H) Pray that you will make disciples. -pray with Matthew 28:19

I) Pray that you will always be honest with God. -pray with I John 1:9

J) Pray that the Word of God will keep spreading where you are. -pray with Acts 6:7

K) Pray that none will perish where you are. - pray with 2 Peter 3:9

L) Pray for the protection of your family and your church family daily. - pray with John 17:15

M) Pray that you and your church family will not grow weary. - pray with Galatians 6:9

N) Pray for God’s perfect and acceptable will for your life. - pray with every verse that comes to your mind.

Thanks to

Lewis McMullen for the original idea for this list.