Carlisle Flooding - Dec 2015

As you may know our church building is 300m along the street from the high point of the water, our building is okay, however the school we meet in on a Sunday is flooded. Do join us in praying for the staff and pupils. A couple of our regular church families are flooded out and others came within inches.

We join with others in the city in having a real sense of sadness about recent events, however we are trying to make a positive impact even amid the chaos. In the first few days our church has had teams serving hot drinks, soup etc to flooded folk as they return to see the damage.

In the following days our free "pop up shop" distributed many items that had been donated by Sainsbury's to folk directly effected by flooding at home. Clean up teams are assisting people trying to cope with the immediate aftermath removing contents and carpets.

As we are aware of the fast approaching "festive session" we are too aware that Jesus, God's son came because we live in an imperfect and broken world. We know that he is the "Light of the world" bringing hope to dark places.

A number of folk around the country have asked how they can give towards the specific work we are doing as a church in response to the flooding. If you would like to give in this way you can go to this page The partnership of churches and individuals around the UK has made it possible to do so much more than we could have done on our own. Thank You.

If you would prefer to give to the general Cumbria wide appeal, not linked to the church, it can found here

In this picture above you can see our building in the top right of and the Richard Rose School in the bottom center.

Carlisle Baptist