Jesus vs Religion

In June and July on Sunday mornings we will be seeing Jesus in action taking on the religious establishment of his day. These chapters contain much to challenge us about who Jesus is, who we are and how we continue to grow as a church and as individuals.

31    Jesus vs Religion - Who is good?
    Luke Ch 18:18-30
7    Jesus vs Religion - Seeing and not seeing
    Luke Ch 18:31-43
14    Summer Sizzler - All Age
    Luke Ch 19:1-10
21    Jesus vs Religion - Paid back with interest
    Luke Ch 19:11-27
28    Jesus vs Religion - If you had only known
    Luke Ch 19:28-44
5    Jesus vs Religion - Authorities questioned
    Luke Ch 19:45 - Ch 20:8
12    Jesus vs Religion - A long hard look
    Luke Ch 20:9-19
19    Jesus vs Religion - traps and home truths
    Luke Ch 20:20 - Ch 21:4
26    Jesus vs Religion - Clouds are gathering
    Luke Ch 21:5-38

Photo shared under CC license by Trey Ratcliff

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