How should you choose which local church fellowship to join?

J Marsden writes...

Becoming a Christian means that you now trust Jesus as your Saviour and want to follow Him as your Lord. So you will need to know what He wants you to do. The way we do that is by listening very carefully to His Word, the Bible. So, find a church which is teaching the Bible. When you visit, see what happens in the sermon or talk. Does the preacher or teacher carefully explain what is in the Bible? Is the congregation encouraged to open a Bible during the sermon or talk and look at it carefully? If they are, that is a very good sign!

You also want to find a church which welcomes and supports you, and where you can serve others. Is there a Bible study group you can join? That will be a very helpful way of learning and getting to know a small group of Christians really well.

Lastly, find a church where you would be happy to bring someone who is not yet a Christian. We want those we know to find out about Jesus too. Is the good news about Jesus as Saviour and Lord clearly explained at the church? Is it a place which is easy to come to? If you find what goes on at the church embarrassing, strange or off-putting, probably your friend would too.

Choose your church with care. Make meeting with your church family a priority. Don't miss out on being there to hear God's Word explained, and to encourage each other. You need them, and they need you. God doesn’t want you to be on your own.

Photo shared under CC license by Sarah Altendorf