Galatians - Exploring True freedom

During the first part of 2017 on Sunday mornings we are going to be learning together from the letter to the Galatians. Do join us as we explore together the topics and ideas it raises, the importance of Jesus Christ, the importance of Christian unity and some important contrasts: the true gospel vs. a false gospel, faith vs. works, law vs. grace, liberty vs. legalism, sonship vs. slavery, and the fruit of the Spirit vs. the desires of the flesh.

1    True Freedom - Gospel twisted
    Galatians Ch 1:1-10
8    True Freedom - It’s all about Jesus
    Galatians Ch 1:11 - Ch 2:10
15    True Freedom - Faith + Anything = Nothing
    Galatians Ch 2:11-21
22    True Freedom - You foolish Galatians!
    Galatians Ch 3:1-14
29    True Freedom - What is the job of the law?
    Galatians Ch 3:15-25
5    True Freedom - Freedom fighters
    Galatians Ch 3:26 - Ch 4:7
12    True Freedom - Slave or free?
    Galatians Ch 4:8-31
19    True Freedom - In Christ
    Galatians Ch 5:1-15
26    True Freedom - With the help of the Spirit
    Galatians Ch 5:16-26
5    True Freedom - Choose the cross
    Galatians Ch 6:1-18

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