A vision for Cumbria

A group of church leaders together in Keswick last week to talk and pray about gospel growth in Cumbria.

There are particular challenges in reaching Cumbria for Christ.

A third of the county is taken up by the Lake District National Park and Cumbria’s population of 500,000 people spread out over 2,600 square miles makes it one of the least-densely populated counties in England. In addition, two thirds of the population of Cumbria live in 20 towns, but the other third are widely scattered over a very rural area.

But those challenges can be met as God equips his church to reach people with the gospel. In many ways that’s the summary of our Cumbria Gospel Vision Day.

Arranged and facilitated by FIEC, more than 30 church leaders – including ten from those 20 population centres – considered how they might work in partnership to reach Cumbria for Christ.

You can read more as Andrew Nicholson reports on this significant gathering here.