Ecclesiastes - The meaning of life

During September and October 2016 we will be looking together at the book of the Bible called Ecclesiastes.

The ESV Study Bible says of this book,

"Like the rest of the Bible’s Wisdom Literature, Ecclesiastes is concerned with imparting wisdom and knowledge to the people of God and teaching them to fear the Lord. "

We look forward to studying it together.

11    The meaning of life - Vanity
    Ecclesiastes Ch 1 - 3
18    The meaning of life - Where is the justice?
    Ecclesiastes Ch 4 - 6
25    Family Harvest - All Age
    Psalm 142 - “You are my refuge”
2    The meaning of life - The heart of the problem
    Ecclesiastes Ch 7 - 9
9    The meaning of life - True wisdom
    Ecclesiastes Ch 10 - 12

Photo shared under CC license by Katie Sayer