James - Faith in action

For eight weeks in the summer term we are exploring together the book of James in the New Testament. Why not come along as we explore what it means to put our faith into action.

6    Faith in action - The trials of life
    James Ch 1:1-12
13    Faith in action - Take out the trash
    James Ch 1:13-27
20    Faith in action - The royal law of love
    James Ch 2:1-13
27    Faith in action - Or it’s useless and dead
    James Ch 2:14-26
3    Faith in action - A mouthful of deadly poison
    James Ch 3:1-18
10    Summer Sizzler
    With special activities for children
17    Faith in action - Resistance is fertile
    James Ch 4:1-12
24    Faith in action - Rich pickings
    James Ch 4:13-5:6
1    Faith in action - Survival guide
    James Ch 5:7-20

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Photo shared under CC license by USDA Ohio