Why not join others from Carlisle Baptist Church sharing books in our "virtual library" at

What's this all about?

The aim of this site is to facilitate the sharing of Christian books. Users list the books they own and link up with others at the same church so that members can search their network for books they want to read. An example of this kind of intra-church book-sharing can be found here for St Helen's Bishopsgate in London, UK.

Once sign up is complete (which is quick and free), you'll want to start adding books you're willing to lend to other people. Straight away you'll be presented with the option of adding books from a suggestion list of popular titles. Alternatively, use the form to search via keyword or ISBN for specific books and add them to your list that way.

Browsing the books already known to belong to members of the church family is another good way to find books you yourself might own. Do this by selecting Search church books. Books you want to read can also be found here and added to your wishlist. The number of copies of each title is shown and clicking on the number takes you to a page with specific information about the book. Names of the owners (and those wishing to read it) are shown along with any reviews.