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Local area clean up morning 2014

skipofdoom On Saturday June 28th we are holding another local area clean up morning.

Why not join us at 9am for a bacon buttie followed by us "hitting the streets" at 9.30am till 11.30am hunting down the litter and rubbish that may have been dumped around our church building and nearby streets.


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Tearfund Philippines Appeal


Churches are among those helping people in the Philippines who have lost their homes and loved ones to Typhoon Haiyan this weekend (8-10 November).

Tearfund partners, including local churches, have helped people to evacuate their homes and villages in time to avoid the worst of the typhoon, which is one of the biggest in recorded history. But despite the best efforts of emergency services and humanitarian agencies, many thousands of lives have been lost and homes have been washed away.

‘We keep hearing more and more bad news as the death toll figures increase,’ says Matthew Frost, Tearfund’s Chief Executive.

‘It has been difficult to confirm all the details because of power cuts and difficulties in reaching our colleagues but we know that landslides, flooding and high winds have wiped out homes, businesses and farms.

‘Our partners are in the evacuation centres, giving care to survivors who need food, water, shelter and help to find their loved ones.’

Rescue operations and food distributions have started to reach people but there are still areas of the islands where people have not yet been traced.

Pastors, church workers and volunteers are travelling by motorbike to some of the more remote areas over the next few days to find survivors and offer help. Despite difficult conditions, they will travel long distances for three days at a time to reach villages where they expect to find high death counts and many grieving people.

Tearfund calls for prayer for the survivors, who will need assistance for many months to come.

‘We know from other major natural disasters like the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 that it can take years for people to rebuild their lives,’ says Matthew Frost.

‘As well as the urgent and practical things like helping people have a roof over their heads, we know that there will be a lot of grief as people come to terms with bereavement. We must pray for the thousands of people who are grieving and ask God how he wants each of us to respond to their needs.

‘Please also pray for the churches who are sending teams out, many of whom will travel long distances by motorbike, that their teams would stay safe and well on their travels and that they would be able to bring hope to the people they meet.’

Read more here

Go here to give now

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Aren't all religions basically the same?

2013basicsame1200x400.001 The resurrection of Jesus Christ probably is the thing that sets Christianity apart—because the other religions bring you a prophet or they bring you a sage, and they say: “This is the way to find God.” So in that sense they're all the same.

Christianity comes along and says: “This person IS God, and he was raised from the dead to prove it.”

And that is just a different category and you have to come to grips with that to be a Christian, and also it does force you in a way to grapple with it. Instead of saying: “I like this religion because it meets my needs” or: “I like these thoughts,” you have to say: “Did it happen or not?”

Watch the video here,



Save Syria - Church on its Knees

Open Doors has been active in Syria since before the war. We are helping the church in Syria to care for thousands of families in desperate need. "I believe the Lord has been preparing the church for this day," says Pastor Edward in Damascus. "Who else can give hope and really spread peace other than our Lord?"

The church in Syria is asking for your help. Please join us to speak out, provide emergency relief and pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria.





Three great reasons we are planning to start meeting together in "LifeGroups" after Easter, in addition to our main gatherings on Sundays.

  • Folk in LifeGroups are being built up their spiritual lives together, as we study, pray and share together.
  • They are the setting in which we can “do life together” - our groups aspire to be much more than a bible study group, they’re a group for growing, for friendship, for care and support.
  • Groups can work together in reaching out to others, a community that lives to point folk to the true life that is found in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in knowing more about LifeGroups then please speak to Peter Walkingshaw.



Abraham - Man of Faith


The man Abraham (also know as Abram) dominates the book of Genesis and his influence goes right through the whole bible.

Abraham is a man of faith and receives various promises from God during his life. The promises are about Abraham's descendants becoming a "great nation" and a blessing that will be for all nations on earth, through a future king who will be descended from Abraham.

Starting this Sunday, January 13th, on Sunday mornings Carlisle Baptist church are going to be thinking more about the the life of this remarkable man, and in particular finding out more about the Big Hero of the story (hint - it's not Abraham). In addition we will be thinking about what the life of someone who lived roughly 4000 years ago teaches us today.

Why not join us on Sunday, we serve coffee from 10.10am and start our meeting at 10.30am.


Lost for Words 2012


Why not join us as we look together at how we can avoid being “lost for words” when we talk about Jesus with friends, family and neighbours. Starting on September 16h, Sunday evenings, 6.30pm at the church building


Our core values

corevalues800x200.001 Real answers - In an age of doubt and confusion we will hold out to people the truth that is found in Christ and His Word.  We have, a clear commitment to the systematic expository preaching of scripture is central to the life of the church.

Real community - In an age of loneliness and broken relationships we will hold out to people the offer of a restored relationship with God and an opportunity to be part of God’s family, the church.  We aim to build a real community with real relationships.

Real transformation - The power of the gospel to transform lives is incredible.  We relish being part of what God is doing transforming people.  We love to seeing those who are dead in sin made alive in Christ and becoming more and more like Jesus.

Real service - Genuine faith in Christ will naturally lead to acts of love and service.  This love and care will, we trust, is a hallmark of our church family as we share our lives together.  We aim also to be a blessing to the wider community of Carlisle.  We pray for the city and aim to demonstrate Christ’s love by serving those in need.

Real hope - In a society where many are losing hope for the future, we have the answer - Jesus Christ.  So in all we do we will point people to Christ.  Jesus is the hope for those without hope.  He is the answer to their most pressing need for he offers forgiveness of sin.  Only Christ can rescue from the consequences of sin and give certain hope in the face of death.  Only Christ can give people a fresh start.



Do-it Volunteering made easy

This is a link to the "Do-it" website that enables you to search for opportunities to serve as a volunteer in the local community. Carlisle Baptist Church has a number of members serving in this way in Carlisle. If you would like to join them why not have a look at what opportunities are available.



I want my music to offer the hope and encouragement I didn’t get.

As a child, Hip Hop artist Lecrae’s world was void of good role models. Growing up with a single mom, he would watch rap videos at his grandmother’s house and developed an ability to rap himself. Yet Lecrae wrestled with insignificance, having never met his father and enduring a life of abuse and neglect. He sought to fill this void by surrounding himself with gangsters.

Before long, Lecrae was embroiled in a world filled with drugs, theft, alcohol and gang activity. “I didn’t fit in anywhere. I was just a misfit of a person,” he said.

Little did he know that his view on life would soon be jolted, opening his eyes to the One who valued his life as significant. The One who cared enough to die for him. The One who is behind his music.



Am I Really A Christian ?

Follow the link below to this useful new american website that tackles the question "am I really a christian?"

You may be wondering if you are a Christian or know someone who's questioning their faith. Or maybe you know you're not a Christian and you wonder what it really means to be one. Or maybe still you are sure of your salvation, but you're looking for trusted tools to help you along your spiritual journey.



Geneva as a missionary centre

  Genevaasamissionarycentre1200x400.001You can read the full article online here, below is an excerpt used in Sunday's Bible talk on May 29th.

"Geneva was not a large city. During Calvin‘s lifetime it reached a peak of slightly more than 21,000 by 1560, of whom a goodly number were religious refugees. Nevertheless, it became the missionary center of Europe in this period of the Reformation. Calvin sought to harness the energies and gifts of many of the religious refugees so as to make Geneva central to the expansion of Reformation thought and piety throughout Europe. This meant training and preparing many of these refugees to go back to their native lands as evangelists and reformers.

Understandably Calvin was vitally concerned about the evangelization of his native land, France, and his countrymen, the French. It has been estimated that by 1562 some 2,150 congregations had been established in France with around 2 million members, many of them converted through the witness of men trained in Geneva. That 2 million comprised 50% of the upper and middle classes, and a full 10% of the entire population. The growth is enormous when one reckons that at the time of Calvin‘s conversion, there were probably no more than 3,000 or 4,000 Evangelicals in France.

But Calvin was concerned for not only France, but also for the reformation of the church in places like Scotland and England, Spain as well as Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands. He even encouraged a mission to Brazil in 1555, which turned out, though, to be a failure.

A colonizing expedition to Brazil was being led by a Frenchman, a certain Nicholas de Villegagnon. The Genevan church was asked to provide French-speaking ministers and some colonists to join the expedition. The missionary possibilities were clear to the leaders of the Genevan church. Contemporary chronicler (and participant in the expedition) Jean de Léry recorded that ?Upon ...hearing this news, the church of Geneva at once gave thanks to God for the extension of the reign of Jesus Christ in a country so distant and likewise so foreign and among a nation entirely without the knowledge of the true God."

Michael A.G. Haykin





Every Life Has a Story

This is actually an advert for a chicken restaurant but I wonder if you have ever moved around our city and wondered about the people, the stories they have and considered why they need Jesus in that story.