C H Spurgeon and 1887

Following up the sermon illustration from last Sunday's Bible talk. Exert from "The Sword and the Trowel" February 1880.

"Mr. W. Osborne has resigned the charge of the Thrissell-street Church, Bristol, and has removed to Carlisle, with the view of forming a Baptist church in that important northern town. We beg our brethren in Carlisle rally to the standard, and make this attempt a success"

from "The Sword and the Trowel" November 1880

"Mr. A. A. Saville has left us to continue the work commenced by Mr. Osborne at Carlisle."

In C. H. Spurgeon Autobiography, Volume 2: The Full Harvest (p. 114) we read.

"Several students, at different periods in the. history of the College, [Spurgeon’s Preachers’ College] on being sent out as pioneers to start new churches, received this singular charge: — “ Cling tightly with both your hands; when they fail, catch hold with your teeth; and if they give way, hang on by your eyelashes!” Mr. Saville went to Carlisle with these words ringing in his ears, and he obeyed them all too literally. With true heroism, he would not let his dear President know the hardships he was enduring for Christ’s sake and the gospel’s; but someone, who discovered the plight he was in, wrote about his trials and sufferings; and as; soon as the tidings reached Mr. Spurgeon, substantial help was sent to him."

 In July 1887 the Carlisle Baptist Church minute book records. "The Rev C Spurgeon laid a cheque on the stone he had laid for £150 from his father C H Spurgeon (£150 has been estimated in 2012 to be the equivalent of £63,500) The entry ends with the words "We thanked God and took courage"