UK population growth

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics in 1901 the population of England was just over 30 million people. Skip ahead a hundred years to 2001 and it had grown to almost 50 million, that is a hugh growth in just 100 years, 20 million extra people in England alone. You do not need to be a genius to work out that at town or city with 30 churches in 1901 we would need 50 churches in 2001 just to stay at the same level of gospel witness. Has this happened? Sadly no it has not and we see all around us the impact of this in our society.

Like most places Carlisle continues to need more churches not less, it needs more Christians not less. We need these things not as an end in themselves but because of the desperate need for the great 'gospel' or good news about Jesus Christ to be more widely known once again in our land and our towns and cities. We need the power of this gospel at work to transform lives as much now as we ever have. Do join us in praying for gospel growth in our nation.

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